Tokenomics of the Three Protocol

The Three Protocol incorporates the $THREE token, which has a finite supply of 100 million units.

Token Allocation

The distribution of the $THREE tokens is as follows:

  • Team Allocation: Constituting 15% of the total supply, these tokens are scheduled for a linear release spanning 18 months, ensuring a gradual distribution that aligns with the project's long-term objectives.

  • Staking Incentives: Allocated 10% of the total supply, these tokens are designated for users who participate in the staking mechanisms, supporting the security and stability of the network.

  • Liquidity Provision: A significant 75% is dedicated to liquidity, underscoring the project’s commitment to a robust and fluid market for the $THREE token.

- 100m Total Supply

- Liquidity 74.5%

- Staking 10%

- Team 15%

- Airdrop 0.5%

Utility and Applications

The $THREE token exhibits several utilities within the ecosystem:

  • Fee Reduction: Users benefit from a 5% fee reduction when transactions are conducted using the native token.

  • Governance Participation: Holding the $THREE token grants governance rights across all Three Protocol platforms, empowering token holders with a voice in decision-making processes.

  • Staking Rewards: Users can stake their tokens to earn rewards, contributing to the network's economic activities.

  • Educational Incentives: The project incentivizes learning through 'train-to-earn' initiatives, fostering a knowledgeable community.

Token Distribution and Launch Plan

The token launch is executed with transparency, releasing all tokens immediately except for those allocated to the team, which are subject to an 18-month vesting period. This strategy mirrors a 'fair launch' styled approach, aiming to promote equitable distribution and a community focus.

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