This LitePaper is written for the purpose of providing information only and must not be interpreted as a solicitation or an offer to sell securities. The digital asset designated as $THREE token is categorized as a utility token and is not purposed as a security or a form of investment. Engaging with the Three Protocol includes potential risks, including the risk of loss of capital. We strongly advise a thorough examination of the Risk Factors delineated herein.

The projections and assertions contained within this document are predictive in nature and are, therefore, subject to variation. The Three Protocol project's team disclaims any assurance of precision or completeness of the details contained within this LitePaper. Interested parties are recommended to seek counsel from professional advisors prior to participation or transaction involvement with the project.


This LitePaper covers main elements of the Three Protocol, whose objective is to establish a network of autonomous marketplaces rooted in blockchain technology. These marketplaces aim to facilitate Product, service and Real World Asset financial inclusion for individuals lacking traditional banking facilities, to use the latest Neural Network Artificial intelligence technologies to increase marketplace procurement efficiency, to enable the utilization of cryptocurrencies for transactions and to instate equitable governance via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The first platform, Jobs3, is set to emerge as a decentralized contender to existing employment marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr.

Central to this project is the $THREE governance token, Neural Network machine learning, and ZKP pseudo-anonymisation alongside smart contract technology, which together will enable secure escrow services, efficient procurement of marketplace products, services, real world assets, DAO-facilitated dispute resolution mechanisms, and seamless cryptocurrency purchase transactions.


Purpose of the LitePaper

This document serves as a comprehensive LitePaper with the intent to provide a thorough presentation of the Three Protocol. It encompasses an analysis of the technological framework, strategic marketing approaches, and a developmental roadmap. The LitePaper synthesizes relevant information to convey the foundational concepts, operational mechanisms, and strategic milestones of the project.

Project Vision

The Three Protocol is the first incubated project by Tectum Labs and will have most of its architecture built on the Tectum Blockchain. At the heart of the Three Protocol lies the aspiration to modify current paradigms of online marketplaces through decentralization. The initiative is driven by the ambition to create financial inclusivity for individuals without access to traditional banking services (the unbanked) as well as those who have been excluded from such services (the debanked).

Secondarily, utilising Three Protocols Neural Network AI model the project will create marketplaces that increase efficiency and accuracy of searching for products, services, real world assets and clients based on the users personal requirements. The aim is to ensure that Three Protocols marketplaces are not only more decentralised but also more efficient and effective than their web2 competitors.

Thirdly, by integrating cryptocurrency utility, the project aims to broaden the purchasing power and utility for cryptocurrency holders. This also provides an alternative to authoritarian governance and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), thus granting users autonomy and privacy.

Finally, a fundamental element of the project is the implementation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to impartially adjudicate disputes within online marketplaces, ensuring greater equity and fairness. This vision seeks to realign the dynamics of e-commerce with the principles of equality and self-governance.

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