Please note- the following dates should be regarded as provisional in nature and may be subject to numerous changes.

Initial Application Release

  • Jobs3 Application Version 1: Targeted for release on April 7, 2024, this marks the initial deployment of the Jobs3 web application, providing initial access to the platform's services.

Platform Expansion

  • Jobs3 Full Portal: Scheduled to become operational on June 11, 2024, the comprehensive portal for Jobs3 will offer a fully-integrated user interface for employment and freelancing functionalities.

Cryptocurrency Integration

  • $THREE Token Public sale / Airdrop: Set for April, 2024

Financial Mechanisms and Governance

  • $THREE Staking: Beginning on June 3, 2024, token holders will have the opportunity to stake their $THREE tokens, participating in network security and receiving rewards.

  • $THREE DAO Implementation: Scheduled for July 15, 2024, this marks the establishment of a decentralized autonomous organization to oversee governance decisions within the platform.

Service Rollouts

  • 3Bay Marketplace Launch: Expected to go live on August 12, 2024, 3Bay will provide a decentralized auction and sales platform.

  • Auto3 Launch: Anticipated for October 1, 2024, Auto3 will offer a dedicated marketplace for automotive sales.

  • 3Taxi Service Initiation: On December 2, 2024, 3Taxi plans to start offering decentralized ride-sharing services.

  • 3Eats Debut: Pencilled in for February 7, 2025, 3Eats will launch to provide a decentralized food delivery service.

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