The Three Protocol comprises a team of professionals guided by a highly skilled advisory board. Many of the advisors have a strong blockchain and decentralization background and involvement in CrispMind and Tectum project, the incubating entity.

Executive Profiles

Louie Rice - Founder/Chief Business Development Officer with over a decade in operations management and over three years focused on Web3 marketing and business development, Louie Rice brings a vision of an equitable digital landscape. His credentials include founding Jobs3 and advising multiple Web3 initiatives. His interests span NFTs, gaming and AI innovation. He is also noted for his role as CMO at Versus-X.

Grant Robertson - Founder/Chief Operations Officer. As the co-founder of Jobs3, Grant oversees the operational facets of the platform. His background in web design and the foundation of a UK-based web design firm informs his philosophy that combines aesthetic excellence with enjoyment in web creation. Grant is also a post-graduate lecturer in business and marketing at a respected UK university. Brendan Young- Chief Sales Officer with over 10 years in sales across both B2B and B2C markets, he shares a deep passion for decentralisation. Having spent the last two years full-time in Web3, he played a pivotal role in the successful launch of Tectum and has been involved in multiple NFT projects. With a fine eye for detail, he has a track record in building successful sales teams and public speaking.

Sean Munn - Chief Marketing Officer Sean Munn, a seasoned executive, boasts a wealth of experience in marketing automation, AI, and operational efficiency. His nine years of multi-faceted expertise demonstrate a proven proficiency in enhancing lead generation, boosting profitability, and steering business growth.

Abdelmoula Selmani - Front End Developer

Tomislav - Back End/AI Developer

Ihor - Smart Contract Developer

Advisory Contributions

Russell Sean (Tectum and CrispMind CEO) - Technological and Financial Advisor Russell Sean’s background encompasses medical research, entrepreneurship, and blockchain accomplishments. With a Master’s degree in Neuroscience and science research qualifications, his focus on innovating widespread systems aligns with the project's ethos.

Trevor McCarter (Tectum and CrispMind COO) - Operations Advisor Trevor McCarter’s global experience in operations management and cryptocurrencies shapes his advisory role. His commitment to the intersection of technology and monetary history forms the basis for his economics advisory to the project.

Andrew Erikshivalli (Tectum and CrispMind CMO) - Marketing Advisor As a highly experienced Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew brings over a decade of digital marketing knowledge. His expertise lies in global marketing and brand strategies, positioning him as an advisory strength in instructing the project's marketing dynamics.

Tom Wilson (Tectum and CrispMind COS) - Relations Advisor Tom Wilson offers extensive experience in business operations, with a focus on web technologies. His transition from Web2 to Web3 informs the project's objective to facilitate a seamless shift to decentralized internet architecture.

Adam (Tectum and CrispMind SMM) - Social Media Advisor Adam’s expertise in social media management within the Web3 sphere is backed by a degree in Civil Engineering and hands-on project management experience. His role at Jobs3 is focusing on the brand’s digital presence and developing community engagement.

Mitch Oman (Tectum and CrispMind SMM) - Marketing Advisor Mitch’s tenure as a core team member at Tectum and his expansive experience in crypto position him as a valuable advisor in networking and business development. His ambition to empower the unbanked and promote global technological progress helps to shape the project's marketing strategy.

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