Market Engagement and Expansion Strategies

Community Engagement and Marketing Initiatives

The Three Protocol's approach to community building is centred around leveraging social media and communication platforms, specifically Twitter and Telegram. The project will also implement airdrops and integrate community staking incentives as part of its engagement strategy.

Collaboration Framework

The project places a high priority on forming partnerships, aiming to collaborate with every Web3 entity in need of personnel or employers. This collaborative model is designed to expand the project's network and service scope.

Acquisition and Loyalty Programs

To secure and maintain a strong user base, the Three Protocol will conduct regular interactive sessions, such as Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) events, and implement targeted marketing campaigns, make strategic partnerships, and attend related events and conferences. The project will also introduce referral programs, incentivizing users who facilitate the onboarding of service providers and product vendors, as well as those who recruit new platform users and buyers.

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