Business Model Analysis

Value Generation and Revenue Streams

The Three Protocol secures its financial sustainability by levying service fees on user transactions, job postings, and general advertising. These revenue mechanisms are fundamental to the project's operational viability. There will also be premium subscription tiers for access to more detailed and quicker responding versions of the Neural Network AI models.

Pricing and Monetization Mechanisms

Jobs3: Implementing a tiered fee structure, Jobs3 imposes a 10% service fee on sellers and a 5% fee on buyers. This is much lower than the 20-40% fees found on upwork and fiverr. This model aims to balance revenue generation with competitive pricing, reducing the fees for sellers to 10% to increase market attractiveness.

3Taxi: In comparison to the industry standard of a 26% fee charged by traditional services like Uber, 3Taxi reduces its fee to 10%. This strategic pricing is intended to disrupt the market by offering a more economical alternative for service providers.

3Bay: Traditional online marketplaces may charge listing fees and a percentage of the final sale price, such as eBay's 75-cent listing fee coupled with a 13% final value fee. 3Bay proposes a reduced final sale fee of 7.5%, capped, to enhance its competitive edge.

Auto3: While platforms like Autotrader might charge approximately $100 per listing, Auto3 intends to halve this cost, setting the fee at around $50. This approach is designed to attract sellers through lower costs.

3Eats: With food delivery services like Deliveroo charging restaurants around 30%, 3Eats plans to significantly undercut this by setting its fee at 10%, aiming to attract more dining establishments onto its platform.

Sustainability and Expansion Strategies

The Three Protocol envisions continued growth by leveraging Web 2.0 environments, which offer convenience and seamless international interoperability for users transitioning to decentralized services. This strategic expansion plan is critical for capturing a broader user base and ensuring the platform's longevity and relevance in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace.

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